Toshiba Printer Monitor's Guide


This article is intended for those who are listed as a "Printer Monitor" at Ithaca College.
See the following link for Toshiba Printer Locations / Serial Numbers / Functions / Printer Monitors' article:


  1. Important information for Printer Monitors
  2. How Do I Order Supplies? (Paper, Toner, Staples)
  3. How Do I Replace Toshiba Printer Items?
    - Loading Paper
    - Loading Staples
    - Loading Toner

1- Important Information for Printer Monitors

As a Printer Monitor, here is some important information for you to know as you navigate having this responsibility.

  • Costs relating to these Toshiba printers are centralized for the college, which means that there is no individual department that will be responsible for paying for the default things provided to each printer.
  • Two paper sizes are free, 8 1/2 x 11 and 11 x 17 (paid for by the college as a whole)
  • Any specialized paper requests will be a cost to the department (i.e: card stock, resume paper, color sheets of paper, any size other than the two mentioned in the point above)
  • This initiative was put in place to ultimately save the College money. For knowledge purposes, here is the ranking of printer from least to most expensive.
    1. Print Shop (Least Expensive)
    2. Toshiba Printers
    3. Networked Printers (printers with a queuename like ITSPR1)
    4. Desk printers, usually attached via USB (Most Expensive)
  • We are hoping to pool together resources (when we say resources, we mean helping hands) as an institution to take on this big initiative to save the college money and make printing more accessible to everyone!


2- Where Do I Order Supplies?

If you need to order paper or toner for any of the Toshiba Printers, click one of the two below options:


Here are a few things to know when it comes to reordering toner:

  • Toshiba (the printer company) knows when your toner is low (below 5%), and they ship the toner to the warehouse.
  • The warehouse team waits for someone to fill out the online form to get the toner delivered from the warehouse to your location (this is where the printer monitor comes in)

  • Once ordered, the warehouse delivers the toner to the specified location (assuming that they have the toner from Toshiba, you would have to wait until the toner is below 5% for them to have it)

  • The printer monitor would replace the toner, but can request help from IT and we can assist as soon as we can.

If you need staples or waste toner bag, please send an email to with the serial number of the affected Toshiba printer. 


3- How Do I Replace Toshiba Printer Items?

 Loading Paper:  

Here's an informational video on how to load paper into a generic Toshiba printer:

 Loading Staples: 

Here's an informational video on how to load staples into a generic Toshiba printer:

 Loading Toner: 

Here's an informational video on how to load toner into different models of Toshiba printer:

  1. Models e-Studio3015AC and e-Studio3515AC
  2. Model 3518A
  3. Model 5516ACT
  4. Model 5518A


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