Budget Entry in Budgeting Cloud


Budget Submitters will be granted access to the Budgeting Cloud in order to enter their requested budget numbers for the upcoming fiscal year. Follow the instructions in this article to create your budget entries.




This article is intended for employees designated as Budget Submitters for their respective areas.



Budgeting Cloud



  • Logging into Budgeting Cloud
  • Basic Navigation
  • 01 and 02 Funds
  • Submissions and Approvals


Logging into Budgeting Cloud

The Budgeting Cloud has its own login, separate from the IC Finance Cloud application. If you have been granted access by the Budget Team, follow these steps to sign in:


1. Use the Firefox or Chrome web browser to navigate to apps.ithaca.edu.

2. Scroll down to the Full List shown on the left side of the page, and click the Budgeting Cloud link.

3. Follow instructions in Password Setup email from Oracle that was sent to you during the week of budget submitter training (1/16-1/19).

4. Log in using your ithaca.edu email and newly created password.


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Fig. 1 Login Page - Company Sign In button on right side of screen



Basic Navigation

All of the main functions you will be using are accessible from the main page by clicking the Ithaca tile near the top of the screen. Several smaller tiles will appear - click on one of the orange tiles for budget entry or one of the blue tiles for reporting. On the following page, the same tiles will appear along the top of the screen and can be used to switch between the different functions. See the sections below for further instructions on budget entry and reporting.

Uploaded Image (Thumbnail)Fig. 2 Budgeting Cloud Home Page - Clicking Ithaca tile near top of screen causes other functional tiles to appear below it




Budget Entry Forms

Click on the Orange Tiles to make budget entries for the types of accounts described beneath each tile. 01 Funds will have separate forms for NSOP (7000-range), Student Wage, and Revenue subcodes, where 02 Funds will all be entered on the same form. Each combination of Fund, Function, Department (referred to here as Entity), and Project has its own sheet within the forms. Follow the instructions below to navigate to each sheet and make your entries.


To create budget entries:


1. If this is your first time using the form, click the (Gear) icon at the top right corner of the screen, and click Clear Page Selections. This will clear any system defaults out of the Fund, Function, Entity, and Project selections at the top of the screen. You can skip this step on any future logins, as the system will remember your selections from last time.

2. Click the (Pencil) icon in the top right corner and select the values for Fund, Function, Entity (Department), and Project for the first sheet you would like to work on. Click Apply.


Uploaded Image (Thumbnail)Fig.3.1 - Budget Entry screen - Gear and Pencil icons near top right corner


3. Each row in the sheet corresponds to a Subcode, separated by Usercode where applicable. Type your budget dollar amounts and descriptions into the white fields in the Direct Input and Comments columns, respectively, for each Subcode and Usercode listed.

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Fig. 3.2 - Budget Entry screen - Direct Input and Comments columns used to enter budget amounts and descriptions


4. Click the Save button in the top right corner to save your work. A confirmation message should appear. Click OK.

5. To add a Subcode-Usercode combination that is not listed, follow this step. Make sure you have saved your work before proceeding. If you do not save, your work will be overwritten. Click on an existing Subcode in the left column, click the dropdown arrow that appears, and select the desired Subcode. Repeat for Usercode in the second column. Type an amount and description for the new combination under Direct Input and Comments (Note - as long as you have saved, your previous work will not be overwritten). Click the Save button in the top right corner, and your new row should be added alongside all of your previously entered rows. Repeat this step to add more rows if needed.

6. When you are ready to move to the next sheet, click the (Pencil) icon in the top right corner, change the segment values, and click Apply. Repeat steps 1-6 for all combinations of Fund, Function, Entity (Department), and Project that have been assigned to you. Once you have saved your entries, no additional action is needed to submit them. The Budget team will export copies of the current budget draft to approvers on the due date.



Submissions and Approvals

All budget entries will be exported by the Budget team to Excel spreadsheets in the Budget Process SharePoint site. Budget Submitters, Approvers, and President's Cabinet members will be contacted directly via email by the Budget team with instructions on reviewing and approving these entries and timelines of when these exports will take place. Please visit the SharePoint site for further information.







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