Understanding macOS Jamf Connect account login and password sync

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Understanding Jamf Connect

What is Jamf Connect?

Jamf Connect is a set of utilities that handle first time login account creation and help keep the password for your college-owned Mac synchronized with your Network account. Jamf Connect also provides convenient access to various IC systems and tools from its menu.

Jamf Connect Login

The Jamf Connect login screen replaces the native MacOS login screen (Or IC branded NoMAD screen) with a Microsoft Single Sign-On screen.

Users must enter their full email address (or “UPN”) instead of the AD (Active Directory) short user name (or sAMAccountName).

Connect to a network before login.

Users can connect to any available Wi-Fi network from the login screen before logging into their computers. ***

            *** Eduroam is not currently configured to work with Jamf Connect

Local (Offline) login

If users cannot connect to the internet, they can still log into their mac. A Local Login button should be available on the bottom of the screen. This will allow the user to sign in with an account that has logged into the Mac at least once before.

To switch back to network login, sometimes the Refresh button may need to be pressed

FileVault Disk encryption

Jamf Connect on faculty and staff Macs silently enforces FileVault disk encryption. The FileVault key is escrowed to Jamf Pro and can be retrieved as needed by authorized IT (Information Technology) persons.

The FileVault key can always unlock a Mac, even if the user has completely forgotten their passwords.

Jamf Connect Menu bar

Check password

See if the user’s network password matches their Mac password.

Change password

If a user wishes to change their password, clicking Change Password in the Jamf Connect menu bar app will log the user into their Accounts portal and allow them to change their password, manage Microsoft connected devices and other services.

Reset password

Leverages the Microsoft Self Service Password Reset workflow to change the user’s password. Jamf Connect then validates the local account credentials against the newly reset network password and synchronizes the two if necessary.

Jamf Connect Login Features

  • Enable authentication to the Mac with a cloud identity provider (IdP)
  • Enforce multi-factor authentication (MFA) requirements
  • Create local accounts during an Apple provisioning workflow
  • Enable FileVault
  • Link a user's network account with an existing local account
  • Convert a mobile account into a local account (demobilization)

Jamf Connect Menu features

  • Local and network account password synchronization.
  • Access to On-Prem network shares and services
  • Shortcut to the Ithaca College Remote Help and Chat systems
  • Shortcut to the Self-Service portal for additional applications and utilities.


  • MacOS 11 Big Sur or newer
  • An Internet connection
  • Device managed by Ithaca College
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