How to setup a new Ithaca College Mac computer

1. Power on the MacBook Pro and you will be greeted by the Language selection screen, select your preferred language


2. On the Select Your Country or Region screen select the United States 


 3. On the Accessibility page select Not Now 



4. Next page will be Select Your Wi-Fi Network  
If you are on campus select the Ithaca College network and use your Netpass info to sign in. If you are off-campus select your home or other secure WiFi network and connect. Click Continue once connected to Wi-Fi 

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 5.  Once you are past the Select Your Wi-Fi Network page you will see the Remote Management screen. If you do not see this screen reboot the laptop and restart the process. 

Click Continue 

6. Wait for the Remote Management setup to complete. This can take up to 5 minutes to complete, be patient. 


7. Select Enable Location Services on this Mac and click Continue. 


8. At the next screen Login with your Netpass username and password. 

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9. You will see the Accessibility Settings window. Click Not Now

10. Next you will see the Data And Privacy Settings window. Click Continue.


 11. Next you will be asked to set up Touch ID; you can do this now or select Set up Touch ID Later in the bottom left 
*This step does not show if the device is an iMac 

11. After logging in Please wait while apps are provisioned, this can take several minutes to complete. Please be patient.
This screen will pop up automatically, but it may take 5-10 minutes before it starts.  

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Once Provisioning has completed, click Get Started 


12. This step will set up FileVault Enter your Netpass password to activate FileVault, then wait while the encryption is happening 

*This step does not show if the device is an iMac 

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Once you enter your password you will see Enabling FileVault on your system, disregard the OK and allow the process to finish. Once the process finishes you will be greeted with the login page.  


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