Anytime Feedback

Want to give kudos to an employee for a job well done, or to provide feedback on an employee's work, projects, or success? You can provide feedback to any employee directly through IC HR Cloud.


This article is for IC faculty, staff, student employees and affiliates who access IC HR Cloud.

Anytime Feedback

  1. Go to Me > Directory App
  2. Search the employee for whom you would like to provide feedback, and select their name.
  3. Click Show More > Feedback.
  4. In the tile that says "Feedback Given to [Employee Name], click + Add.
  5. Select the appropriate choice under Who can see the feedback?
    1. Everyone  = The feedback will be public to anyone
    2. Managers Only = Only the manager (and their manager) will see the feedback
    3. Manager and [Employee] = The employee and their manager will see the feedback. 
    4. Only Me = Only the individual submitting the feedback will see it.
    5. Only [Employee] and Me = Only the employee and the individual submitting the feedback will see it. 
  6. Type the message and review and Submit.
  7. You can edit the feedback you give at any time by selecting the [...] and changing who can see the feedback or changing the message. Once changes are made, click Save, to discard changes, click Cancel and to delete the feedback click Delete.


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