Staff & Faculty Increment - View Compensation Change Statements

Access the My Compensation tab in IC HR Cloud to view your current and past Salary, your Compensation Change Statement(s), as well as some additional compensation details. 


  1. Access My Compensation
  2. Current Salary
  3. View Salary History
  4. Compensation Change Statements


Access My Compensation

  1. Login to IC HR Cloud via, and select the Personal Information app.

  2. Go to the My Compensation tile.

  3. Scroll down the page to view different sections of info. 

  1. Click to collapse a section or to expand a section. 


Current Salary

Current salary shows your most recent salary and the amount adjusted from the previous salary. Please note, current salary shows your salary as of the present date. Future salary changes will only be displayed on the date they become effective.

View Salary History

View Salary History shows all historical salary records.
  1. Click  to expand the Current Salary section at the top of the page (if not already showing). 

  1. Click Show Prior Salary


Compensation Change Statements

Compensation change statements show any changes to your compensation that may occur during an increment cycle.

To view your Compensation Change Statements:

  1. Click  to expand the Compensation Change Statements section (if not already showing). 

  2. Click IC Staff and Faculty Increment to view your Compensation Change Statement. Select OK.

  3. Review your statement and save/print for your records. 


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