IC HR Calendar

The IC HR Calendar is available to all campus Outlook users and provides details about important payroll deadlines, HR events, holidays, campus closures and more. Please refer to the information in this article to learn how to add the IC HR Calendar in Outlook, and to learn about the information included on the IC HR Calendar.


Add the IC HR Calendar in Outlook

  1. Visit https://outlook.office.com/calendar/ in a web browser.

  2. Click Add Calendar in the left navigation.

  3. Click Add from directory.

  4. Type in the name of the calendar: IC HR Calendar.

  5. Select the group you want to add the calendar to (e.g. My calendars) and click Add.

Once the calendar has been added to your list of calendars you can view more than one calendar at a time in merged view or split view (side by side). For detailed instructions visit Working with multiple calendars in Outlook on the web (microsoft.com). Once a calendar has been added in Outlook for the web it will automatically appear in the Outlook desktop client as well.

IC HR Calendar Details

The IC HR Calendar uses specific colors and icons to differentiate event types. Typically, the IC HR Calendar will include all important HR milestones and deadlines (including the IC Payroll Schedule dates, the Holiday and Wellness Days Calendar dates, religious holidays and observances, and major College events.


IC HR Calendar Icons


Academic Events and Dates (For Students, Faculty and Staff)

The graduation cap icon is displayed on all events and milestones associated with the Ithaca College Academic Calendar.
  • All academic calendar entries are highlighted in pink.


College Holidays, Wellness Days, and Closures

The airplane icon is displayed on all college holidays and wellness days in which College operating status is "closed". On these dates employees not considered essential employees are not expected to report to work.
  • All College holidays, Wellness Days, and Closures are highlighted in purple.


Non-College Holidays and Religious Observances

The star icon is displayed on all non-College holidays and religious observances in which College operating status in not closed.
  • All holidays are highlighted in orange.


Major College Events & Milestones (For all Faculty & Staff)

The ticket icon is displayed on all Major College events & milestones (such as All College Meeting, All Staff Meeting, Benefits Expo, etc).
  • All events are highlighted in yellow.


Payroll Deadlines

The clock icon is displayed on all payroll deadlines, for time and absence submission and approval, and payment request and approval.
  • All semi-monthly payroll deadlines will be highlighted in blue.
  • All bi-weekly payroll deadlines will be highlighted in green.

Payroll Pay Dates

The bulls eye icon is displayed on all payroll period start and end dates. This icon is not included on any payroll deadline dates.
  • All semi-monthly payroll pay dates will be highlighted in blue.
  • All bi-weekly payroll pay dates will be highlighted in green.


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