Searching for people in the IC Directory, Microsoft 365 People and Teams, and Oracle HR


This article is intended for staff, faculty, and students who are searching for other staff, faculty, students, or groups within Ithaca College.


  1. Web Faculty and Staff Directory 

  1. Microsoft Office 365 People App

  2. Microsoft Teams

  1. Oracle 

  2. Other 


Web Faculty and Staff Directory  

The Ithaca College Faculty and Staff Directory serves as a public resource for obtaining basic contact information, department affiliations, and areas of expertise for faculty and staff members. The directory is a valuable starting point for those looking to connect with specific individuals or find specialists in a particular field. However, it's important to note that the directory is intended for public use, so detailed information about specific offices may not be included. 


How to Use It 

 When using the public web directory provided by the college (, there are three options to look for staff and faculty.  When you find the person and click on their name, you will be presented with their profile detailing their position(s), department(s), contact information, and, if provided, a personal bio of accomplishments and areas of specialty. 

  • Using the Search Bar:  

If you are searching for someone with specific information (such as their name, program, department, or specialty), the search bar is optimal. Type the information into the search bar, click the search button. You will be presented with the results. including name, title, and email, of all faculty and/or staff that match with the search criteria.  By clicking on their name, you will reach their profile page with more information.

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  • Using the Faculty A-Z List 

If you are searching for faculty, the website provides an alphabetical list of currently employed faculty by Ithaca College, as well as retirees. If you click on the link, you are also provided with a search bar that will strictly search for faculty only. 

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  • Using the Staff A-Z List  

If you are searching for staff, there is an alphabetical list of staff who are currently employed by Ithaca College, as well as those who have retired. Following the link, there is a search bar at the top of the page, allowing you to search strictly for staff only.  

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Microsoft Office 365 People App 

The People App in Office 365 can be used to search for faculty, staff, and students. The app is accessible only to active members of the college community who have an active account. To access detailed information, users must be logged into Office 365. The People App can be located by clicking on the apps icon within the Office 365 interface. 

*click on the image to better view them*


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You will be brought to the apps page, where you will then click “all apps” as shown below 

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From there, you will see all the apps in Office 365, where you will find the “People” app and may search the Outlook directory as seen in the following visuals 

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 At the top of the page, there will be a search bar that says, “search contacts, directory, and groups”.  

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Click the search bar, type in the person, organization, or group you are looking for and their profile with their contact information and preferred meeting times will appear on the right.  

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Microsoft Teams 

Search Bar 

In Microsoft Teams, at the top of the application, use the Search textbox to find a faculty member, staff member, or student. 

  1. Type in a name in the Search textbox. 
  2. Choose a suggested name that appears or press enter to show more results. 
  3. If more results are selected, click the People tab to bring up a full list of individuals. Click on a person to bring up their details.


Contact Card 

You can also hover over the person's contact photo and name to bring up their title and department (or in the case of students, major and class year), along with methods to contact them. 

Who Bot 

Who is a bot in Teams that's designed to help you find information about anyone at Ithaca College. It uses information from Azure Active Directory and information from Teams and Outlook. To use Who: 

  • In Microsoft Teams, you can locate Who Bot by clicking on the apps icon on the side. It will be under the section titled “Popular in your org”.  

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  • You will click on the “add” button to add it to your apps, then click “open”, where you will be redirected to Who Bot. Once it is opened, you will type “who” into the search bar.  

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  • You will then be given an example of prompts to ask Who Bot to help you ask your question. You can either use them or type in the rest of your question.  

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Questions Who can answer include: 

  • Who is
  • Who knows about
  • Who works with 
  • Who have I emailed about 
  • Who was in the meeting about 


In the Oracle Directory, you will be able to search for student employees, faculty, and staff.  

  • In Oracle, under the Apps listing, click Directory. 

  • Type in a name in the Search for a Person textbox. (Currently members of the community need to be searched by first and last name. The college is working with a vendor to also be able to search by username or email address. 


For public contact details, individuals should visit a division or department webpage for updated information. 


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