2024 IC Faculty Reappointment Plan Guide

IC FT Faculty Reappointment Plan 2024

Note: This plan is for faculty on phased retirement, leaves, reductions, and any form of equity adjustment, tenure, or promotion. 

Accessing the Plan

  1. To access this plan, log into the HR Cloud > Select Workforce Compensation > next to your name at the top of the screen, select the drop-down > select dean that appears for you > Viewing plan X of X > select IC FT Faculty Reappointment 2024 
  2. Above are the tabs associated with the plan, they do not need to be completed in any specific order: NOTE general increment and merit should already pull into this plan from being entered in the IC Faculty Increment 2024 Plan. This should not be updated in this plan.  However, if equity needs to be entered, there is an option to do so in the General, Merit, and Equity section see example below.

Layout/Filtering Features

  1. In all tabs of this comp plan, you can adjust your view, export the data to excel, etc. 
    1. By clicking view > columns you can add/remove fields to assist with your data entry
    2. You can export to Excel to view this information in a spreadsheet
    3. Depending on what teams/groups you need to view and enter data for, you can do so by filtering here

Completing the Sections of the Plan

  1. Market & Retention
    1. Here is where you will enter any market adjustments needed. You can view relevant information such as base salary, information on leaves, reductions, etc.
  2. Promotions & Additional Duties
    1. If employees have a promotion, position change, etc. those details can be entered here. You will also be able to view employee details here such as base salary, updated FTE if applicable, etc. 
    2. if an employee is on an element: 
      1. you can view element information by selecting the arrow on the left of the employees name.
      4. If an element has already been sent to/uploaded by payroll, this will populate here 
      5. If you need to add/change an element amount, you will do so here, and will see it updated in the total additional pay column. 
  3. Leaves, Reductions, & Phased Retirement
    1. If an employee is on any type of leave, reduction, or phased retirement, this can be selected in the drop-down
    2. If start and end dates are applicable, those can be entered here.
    3. For phased retirement:

  1. Load change %: the percentage that credit hours (FTE) are decreasing by for an employy
  2. 10% phased retirement element amount: 10% of original base salary – does not affect yearly salary amount
  3. If an employee is already on phased retirement, the reduction amounts should pre-populate. If an employee is entering phased retirement these amounts will need to be entered  
  1. NTEN & Tenure Review
    1. Any tenure information can be entered in this section, and you can filter to different teams/groups if needed
  2. Once you have completed all of your entries, you may submit for approval in the top right of the main workforce compensation page. You can view the approval workflow on this page as well. 


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