IT System Maintenance Schedule

Information Technology has established scheduling guidelines for performing necessary maintenance on computers, applications and network systems.  During scheduled times, important production systems such as email, file and print services, Parnassus, Homer/Banner, and network communications may be unavailable.  Whenever possible, the maintenance will be performed during "off hours" per the schedule listed below.

IT System Maintenance Schedule

12:01AM-7AM 7AM-1PM 1PM-10PM 10PM-Midnight (12:00AM)
Sunday Major Major Up Minor
Monday Minor Up Up Minor
Tuesday Minor Up Up Minor
Wednesday Minor Up Up Minor
Thursday Major Up Up Minor
Friday Minor Up Up Minor
Saturday Major Minor Up Minor


  • Up = All systems are expected to be up during this time, barring emergencies or unexpected outages.
  • Minor = Most systems are expected to be up during these times. Maintenance may be performed for low-impact, small-scale changes, as determined by factors such as number of people affected, duration of the maintenance, and time of year.
  • Major = Broad impact maintenance will be performed at these times.


System maintenance may be performed outside of (or extend beyond) the scheduled maintenance for any of the following reasons:

  • Emergency corrective maintenance may be required.
  • Major upgrades or changes may take longer than the scheduled maintenance period.
  • For maintenance that only impacts one office, that office may request a different time.
  • For systems that involve assistance from (or are managed by) an external vendor, that vendor may request/require a different time.

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