Guests and Vendors Internet and Account Access


This article is intended for campus guests and visitors.

Internet and Account Access Options

Campus guests and visitors have a few different options for accessing the Internet while on campus, depending on the nature of their relationship with the college. 

Wireless (Guest)

The unsecured wireless network requires no configuration and allows anyone basic access to the Internet. Information transmitted or received over IthacaCollege-Guest is not encrypted and could be intercepted and viewed by other network users.

To use IthacaCollege-Guest, simply select it from the list of available wireless networks. No authentication is required.

Wireless (eduroam)

eduroam is a secure wireless service used at hundreds of higher education institutions  in the US, and many more internationally. The service allows users from participating schools to access the secure wireless network of other participating institutions while using the credentials of their 'home' institution. For example, while visiting Cornell University, an Ithaca College student, faculty or staff member can connect to the eduroam wireless network there using their Ithaca College email address as the username, along with their Netpass password. Likewise, someone from Cornell can visit IC and use their CU credentials to access the Ithaca College eduroam wireless network here. Simply select eduroam from the list available wireless networks.

Long-term Guests and Vendors

Some visitors who will be on campus for an extended period or who need elevated access to systems may be designated as an IC Affiliate. The department or school that the visitor/vendor is affiliated with needs to submit an IC Affiliate Request form to Human Resources. This will provide the visitor/vendor with a Netpass ID, IC email account and other access to IC systems similar to that of a full-time staff or faculty member.

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