Requesting a Name or Netpass/Email Username Change

This article provides information about requesting an official name or Netpass username (including email address) change.


This article is intended for faculty, staff and students.

How to Request Name or Netpass Username Changes

Employee or student name or username changes due to marriage, divorce, a legal name change, preferred (chosen) name change or other reasons should be requested as follows:

Once the respective office has made the formal change in their system, Information Technology will make the name and/or Netpass username change in other College systems as necessary. Information Technology will coordinate the name/username change and notify the client when the process is complete. There are multiple steps and systems involved with this process and it may take several business days to complete.

About Netpass Username Formats

All usernames at the college (for students, faculty and staff) are formatted as first initial last name, such as qsmith for Quinten Smith. A digit is added to the username if necessary to avoid duplication of an existing username (i.e. qsmith1). The standard username format will always be used for both new IC community members as well as legal name changes for current community members. The only exceptions would be if the standard format results in a username that is unreasonably long, or offensive based on commonly accepted standards of inappropriate language/words.


What Happens When I Change my Username?

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