Courses Not Appearing in the Canvas Dashboard (Solution)


Why Did Courses Disappear From My Dashboard?

In Canvas the Canvas Dashboard is a centrally organized location for all courses associated with an instructor. However, there is limited space in the Dashboard view (a limit of 20 course cards on the desktop version and ten within the mobile app). If an instructor gains access to new courses (such as prior to a new semester), sometimes these can push other courses out of the Dashboard view. Once the limit of courses in the Dashboard has been exceeded, to view every course they currently have access to, a user must select Courses and then All Courses from the Global Navigation menu.


The solution to ensure that course cards appear in your Dashboard is to "Favorite" the courses you need access to. When you "Favorite" a course, it automatically becomes one of the course cards displayed on the Dashboard.

How do I Favorite a Course?

  1. Select Courses and then All Courses from the Global Navigation menu.

  2. Click the star on the left-hand side of the course you would like to favorite.

  3. The star will change color, and the course will now be visible on your Dashboard. 

NOTE: Remember that only 20 courses are visible on the Dashboard at a time, so you may have to "unfavorite" some courses before other "favorite" courses appear in the Dashboard. Courses under 'Past Enrollments' that have already closed cannot be added as a favorite.

For more detailed information on this topic, you can visit the following resources by Instructure, the makers of Canvas.

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