End-of-Term Canvas Checklist


A checklist to review at the end of each Term, with simple tasks to take in Canvas to wrap up and organize.



Make Final Grades Visible to Students 

By default, students will not see their final grade calculations in the gradebook. This is to give you time to make the correct grading calculations. To allow students to see their grade totals in the Canvas Gradebook, you must go to your course Settings in the left-hand navigation menu. 

1. Scroll to the very bottom of the screen. 

2. Click the “More Options” tab. 

3. Deselect the “Hide totals in student grade summary” checkbox. 


Export Grades

From the Grades tab in a Canvas course, use the Export button to download a CSV file of your final grades. 


Make Any Final Communications

Using the “Announcements” feature, a course discussion or email, make any necessary announcements for the end of your course. 


Final Grades Go in the Faculty Center 

While you may have used the Canvas Gradebook for computing grades, it is essential to submit the final grades through HomerConnect. See ‘Faculty Final Grading Using HomerConnect 9 App’ for more information. 


Plan for Any Students Needing to Resolve Incompletes

The end date for your course is automatically set according to the term in which your class is active. (You can see this date by visiting the Settings in your Canvas course at the bottom of the left-hand course navigation.) This date is set to be two weeks after the end of finals week and through that period students can submit assignments, take quizzes, and participate in discussions. Teachers retain access to their course editing for an additional two weeks after the end of term. 

If you have a course that needs to stay open past the end-of-term date to resolve an incomplete grade, you can visit the following resource: Controlling Student Access to Your Canvas Course


Optional/Best Practices

Set Student Access for Your Course

After the term has concluded, your course automatically goes into “read-only mode” - meaning that students will still have access to all published materials and files but lose the ability to participate in course activities. Two weeks after end of term, instructors are also no longer able to create or edit assignments, post or edit grades, or create any new course content. Before the end of term, you can change access settings - if you need to change your course access settings, or you have lost instructor editing access to your course, visit the following article for more information: Controlling Student Access to Your Canvas Course


Backup/Download Course Content

To protect your course materials, export them from Canvas at the end of the semester to keep as a backup. You can also share the course with others or upload it to another institution in the future. For instructions, please see How to Export a Course in Canvas. Note that the exported files are IMSCC ZIP files and require software that supports Common Cartridge files to open. 


Organize your Dashboard and Courses 

To tidy up your Canvas Dashboard towards the end of the term, you can unfavorite ("unstar") any published courses that you don't want to keep there. Concluded courses that are not favorited will be listed under "Past Enrollments" in "Courses>All Courses". Please note that it's not possible to favorite ("star") concluded courses.





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