Beware Quarantined Email


All too often faculty, staff, and students dig phishing messages out of their quarantine thinking they're there by mistake. Sometimes these messages impersonate the president, other college leaders, faculty, or staff. They may ask for information or a favor, announce a job opportunity, or offer to give something away. You may think this is not you and that the message was quarantined by mistake. That does sometimes happen, but be very suspicious of any email messages in your quarantine. They are usually there for a reason.

It may appear that the message comes from someone you know, but check the sender email address. If they claim to be someone from IC but are using a Gmail address, how do you know it's not an impersonation scam? If you think it might be legit, forward the message to their Ithaca College email address and ask them. Please use your Ithaca College email and encourage everyone else to. It will help keep you and others from being tricked.

Additional help recognizing phishing messages is available here: Article - Recognizing Phishing Emails (

And more information and a FAQ about using Quarantine is here: Article - FAQ: Missing/not received m... (



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