Submission Guidelines

Events submitted to the online events calendar should be of potential interest to the campus community and/or the public. This includes concerts, theatrical performances, intercollegiate athletic events, major lectures, and meetings that are open to the public or new members.

Off-campus events, such as away-games for intercollegiate athletics, or major alumni events in other cities, should be included. Off-campus events should be noted as such when entering an event to the calendar, and a specific address should be provided.

The following criteria must be kept in mind when submitting an event to the calendar:

  • Must be an Ithaca College-sponsored or related event
  • Each event mush have a valid email address to contact
  • Submissions must be accurate, free of spelling errors, profanity, and obscene or indecent material.

If you post your event to Intercom, you must include a link to the event on the calendar of events.

Submitted events will go through an approval process to ensure they follow the guidelines stated above. Please note that Ithaca College reserves the right to reject submissions at any time. If your event is rejected, your designated contact person will be notified and directions will be provided on how to modify your event for approval.

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