Quick Links Menu

What are Quick Links?

Quick Links are an optional addition to the navigation menu on your Site. If populated, they appear underneath the local navigation.


Why Use Quick Links?

Quick Links should be used when you want to link to one or more thematically similar or relevant sites that are NOT directly related to your own in a parent/child setup. (For example www.ithaca.edu/parent-site and www.ithaca.edu/parent-site/child-site.)

These could be other sites within Ithaca.edu, or entirely off-site (such as a professional organization, accreditation standards, partner institution, etc.).

Benefits of Quick Links

Quick Links are a great way to draw attention to relevant sites you want to share with your visitors without burying them in the local navigation menu. (Remember: the local navigation menu is intended to direct users through the immediate site they’re on. A link in that menu that takes them to another site entirely can lead to confusion and frustration.)

How to Add Quick Links

Go to the landing page (homepage) of the Site you’d like to add Quick Links to and click “Edit” from the options above the page content (below the blue header with the site title).


Click the “Secondary Content” tab. This will bring up the screen with a field to add “Quick Links.”


Either copy the entire destination URL into the URL field, or, if the site is within Ithaca.edu, type the name of the site to generate a list of matching entities and select the appropriate one.

Fill in the “Link text” field. (This defines how the link appears to site visitors; this would typically be the name of the destination site.)

Click the “Save” button.


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