Add a Text Paragraph

The text paragraph type allows you to add paragraphs of text to your page. Adding text to your page is a useful way to communicate longer form information. 
body text example


Why Use Text

This should be used when you want to add a block of text, like a paragraph or list to your webpage.


How to Add Text

  1. Click to edit the page
  2. Scroll down to where there is a gray bar that says Add CTA Intro HERO to Content
  3. Click the dropdown arrow and select Add Text
  4. (Optional) Add a text heading
  5. Add Text to text box
  6. (Optional) Format text
  7. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and save.


Demonstration of "How to Add Text" 

Format your text as desired.

1. For information on where to use this feature, please see the "Utilization of Features on Drupal" article.

2. For sample images of this feature on a desktop and a web browser , please see the "Basic Features Sample Images" article.

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