Images can be interspersed throughout the other content on your page to help communicate and add visual interest to a basic page. Adding a caption to an image, as shown below, is optional and should be kept relatively short. If more detail is needed it should be included in paragraphs that surround the image rather than within the caption. 


Why Use Images

Images give aesthetic to your webpage and make the experience for your users more enjoyable.  


How to Add Images 

  1. Click to edit the page 
  2. Scroll down to where there is a gray bar that says Add CTA Intro HERO to Content 
  3. Click the dropdown arrow and select Add Image 
  4. Choose an image file to upload 
  • Images have a 10 MB limit 
  • Allowed image types: jpg, jpeg, png, gif 
  • Images must but larger than 320x240 pixels 
  1. Move the cursor that appears to the most important spot in the image 
  2. (Optional) Add alternative text, describing the image for screen readers 
  3. (Optional) Add photo credit 
  4. (Optional) Describe what changes have been made to card/image 
  5. Add alternative text to describe what is going on in the image 
  6. (Optional) Add a caption 
  7. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click save. 


1. For information on where to use this feature, please see the "Utilization of Features on Drupal" article.

2. For sample images of this feature on a desktop and a web browser, please see the "Media Sample Images" article.

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