Media Galleries

Media Galleries allow content managers to add a collection of photos and videos to their site. This feature is still considered beta. Please familiarize yourself with the Known Issues section below before using this feature. 


Why Use a Media Gallery?

Galleries can be a great way to group strong visuals that convey a story or message; highlight a unique or compelling aspect of your department, program, or initiatives; or just show off some really cool content.


How to Add a Media Gallery - Images

  1. Once logged into Drupal, navigate to the landing page on which you want to add the gallery and click the “Add Media Gallery” option in the menu that appears above the page content.
  2. Give your gallery a Title. (Remember, the title will also serve as the gallery’s URL.) The Intro Text field is optional. If you use it, keep your words short and sweet.*
  3. Click the arrow next to “Media Items” to reveal the “Add Media” button.*
  4. Click the Add Media button to open a new window. You can either drag and drop your image files, or click “Select files” to add them. (Please see the Known Issues section below for problems that have been identified while uploading images.)*
  5. Each uploaded image will generate a form. The Alternative text field is mandatory. The Title, Photo Credit, and Caption fields are all optional. 
  • Remember: Good alternative text is meant to be short but descriptive. It is not meant to contain the same information as a caption. Imagine you’re providing a general description of the image to someone without sight.
  1. Click the Save button below the last image you’ve uploaded to save and close out the media upload screen. Each picture will now display in the “Media Items” area.
  2. Add additional images following the same steps above. 


How to Add a Media Gallery - Video

  1. Follow steps 1 through 4 above. On the Add Media window, select the Video tab. Provide the full link to the video you’d like to include. (Note: This function only works for videos hosted on YouTube, Kaltura, and Vimeo.)


Known Issues with Adding a Media Gallery 

Uploading Multiple Images 

Attempting to load multiple images at the same time may result in only the first image being uploaded to the Add Media interface. 


Adding Another Image to Add Media Window

Adding another image to the Add Media upload screen may result in the following: 

  1. The error message “Alternative text field is required” will appear above the image(s) already displayed on the upload screen, and the new image will not be added. 
  2. Any alternative text entered into the upload screen will be removed when a new image is added. The alternative text will need to be entered for each image again before saving.
Gallery Loading in Browser

When viewing the gallery (particularly after adding new photos), the page doesn’t always load/refresh properly, and all media will display on a single row. Refreshing the page in your browser should fix the issue. 


***Please report any glitches or bugs not documented above using the Ithaca Web Support Request Form (Netpass login required). Please select "Report a Problem" from the Support Request Type menu.***


*Demonstration of "How to Add a Media Gallery"

Title your gallery and click Add Media. (Steps 2-4 above)


To add images - from the "Images" tab, click "Select files" to add photos. 

To add video - from the "Video" tab, click "Select files" to add videos 


1. For information on where to use this feature, please see the "Utilization of Features on Drupal" article.

2. For sample images of this feature on a desktop and a web browser, please see the "Media Sample Images" article.

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