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How to Sign In to Drupal (

  1. There are three ways to access the Drupal log in screen:
  1. Using one of the options above will prompt you to log in with your Ithaca Netpass username and password.

Getting an "Access Denied" error instead of the login screen? You may already be logged in (see below).


Confirming You've Signed-In Successfully

After you have signed into Drupal, you will see a new black bar appears at the very top of the website above the main navigation menus. This is the Drupal menu bar, and it will show your user name in the top right corner. If you see this menu bar at the top, it means you are now a logged in user and you can navigate to your website(s) to begin creating or editing pages.


Getting an "Access Denied" error


If you attempt to log into the website and get an error screen that says "Access Denied" it is usually because you are already logged into the system.

Scroll to the very top of your screen and look for the black menu bar to confirm your status:

If you are seeing this "Access Denied" message and do not see the black bar indicating you are already logged in, but you are certain you should have access to this web page, please contact the Service Desk for assistance.


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