Winter 2025

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Ithaca College Winter 2025 Academic Calendar 

Winter Session Academic Calendar 
No add or drop will be accepted after the time frames listed below. 
A "W" will be recorded on the student's transcript for a course withdrawal. No refund is given for a withdrawal. 
It is the student responsibility to add or drop or to withdraw from a course, according to the deadlines. 


(12 days) 




Jan 2 - Jan 17 



Registration begins 

Monday, November 4, 2024 



Last day to ADD 

Jan 3 



Last day to DROP 

Jan 3 



Last day to SUBMIT S/D/F option 

Jan 6 



Last day to REVOKE S/D/F option 

Jan 10 



Last day to WITHDRAW from class with "W" 

Jan 14 



Final exams Session ends 

Jan 17 



Grades DUE to registrar by 5pm 

Jan 24 



Length of Individualized Study 

Deadline to Add or Drop 

Deadline to Withdraw

Up to 2 weeks 

start date of course 

two days prior to end date of course

Between 2—5 weeks 

by second day of course 

four days prior to end date of course

More than 5 weeks 

by third day of course 

six days prior to end date of course 

*Students may add and drop or withdraw from a winter session individualized study course (independent study, internship, fieldwork) according to the following schedule.

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