Midterm Grading Using HomerConnect


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“It is College policy that by the midpoint of each semester all students be evaluated in each course in which they have enrolled. The method of evaluation is to be determined by each faculty member. This assessment is reflected in a midterm grade submitted to the Office of the Registrar in accordance with the schedule published by that office. The only exception to this policy is in those block courses that conclude in half a semester. Deans and directors deal with this policy as it relates to the individual faculty members and courses within their school.”

Use the following steps to enter midterm grades:

  1. Access the Faculty Grade Entry page at https://www.ithaca.edu/homer-connect

  2. Select Faculty/Advisor Log in and enter Netpass credentials. 

  3. Select Faculty Grade Entry
  4. Select Midterm Grades
  5. Select the class you wish to post midterm grades for, click anywhere in the row and the row turns light blue, then click student roster.

  6. Enter the Midterm grade using the drop down. Only enter a Last Attend Date if the student has NEVER attended your class this term. Enter the first day of the fall 2021 term in the Last Attend Date field 8/23/2021. SAVE.


  • Until the due date of midterm grades you can post midterm grades and change the grades as often as you wish, even if that is one student per day, just always SAVE.
  • If you have saved successfully, you will see the following in the upper right corner
  • Your roster may be multiple pages. You can scroll to the next page or increase the per page amount.
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