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What is a waitlist?

A waitlist is an electronic list of students who want to enroll in a course that is closed. Wait listing is a registration option, not automatic. Waitlist is first-come, first-served.

How do I know if a section has a waitlist option?

In HomerConnect 9 view the course schedule via Browse Classes: (Independent study and internships are an example of course without waitlist.)
Or click on a course title from anywhere in HomerConnect 9 to view additional information. Click the Enrollment/Waitlist option:
In HomerAdmin AKA Banner 9: SSASECT
Entering a waitlist maximum turns on waitlist for a section

What do students need to be on a waitlist?

Registration rules apply to the wait list process. Inability to wait list may be due to a registration restriction. Students can still use IC Workflow to request an override for prerequisite, major restriction, etc. prior to wait listing a course.
In HomerAdmin AKA Banner 9: SFASRPO
Students receive an email via workflow for approvals or denials.

How can I register a student in Admin for a Waitlist course?

In HomerAdmin AKA Banner 9: SFAREGS
Step 1: Add the course and receive the error message
Step 2: change course status to WL and save, save

How can I review who is on a waitlist in non crosslisted classes?

In HomerAdmin AKA Banner 9: SFAWLPR
If a student received an email that a seat is open the Waitlist Priority will state pending
In HomerConnect 9 for both crosslisted and non crosslisted courses: A faculty member via class list can look up a student’s schedule and see any waitlist positions:

How can I Review who is on a waitlist in crosslisted classes?

In HomerAdmin AKA Banner 9: SFAXWLP

Waitlist Tips and facts:
• Waitlist is not a guarantee that a seat will be available before the end of add/drop. It's just a way for you to wait in line for an open seat.
• You can only waitlist for one section of a course
• You cannot waitlist linked courses or open learning courses (course that are offered outside regular term dates)
• You can only waitlist a course you are not registered for
• You cannot waitlist for two sections of the same class
• Only classes at the Ithaca College, Ithaca NY campus will have waitlist
• Please note: typically only classes with a schedule type of Lecture, Lab, Instructional Class, Private Lesson, Seminar, Studio will have the waitlist option
• Waitlist will close for additional students to add once it reaches the waitlist cap
• You can drop a waitlist course at any time and make a seat available for a fellow Bomber
• Waitlist classes will NOT appear on Degree Works, you can use the look ahead feature to see how your courses will apply to degree completion. Find a how to video at Using the Look Ahead Feature

You can find the Cross List Group in SSASECT.

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