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Welcome Ithaca College student to this tutorial of IC Workflow here at Ithaca College. As a new student, when you log in to IC Workflow from or from the student profile page on your HomerConnect, this is where you will arrive. One of the first things you need to do as a new student is ICC Theme Declaration. Another thing new students will like to do at times is to change their chosen or preferred name. This is an opportunity where you can change your major if necessary or possibly even add a minor or change your minor. There are a lot of options for you here on the IC workflow tab so this is definitely a resource you can explore and get to know. There may be other options for you on the student form tab of the Office of the Registrar website. Some of these forms will bring you back to IC Workflow but this webpage is a great way to see the things that are available to you as a student if you need to make changes to your record. Again, we are always here to help and we hope that you find the tools on IC workflow and our website helpful. There are also more in depth tutorials for specific items in IC Workflow. Welcome to IC and look forward to seeing you at orientation!

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