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Microsoft To Do is an intuitive and streamlined task management tool that simplifies keeping track of all your tasks in one central location. It features 'My Day,' a daily planner where you can list and work through your day's tasks. Beyond daily planning, Microsoft To Do allows you the flexibility to create unlimited additional lists.


Microsoft To Do is an efficient and user-friendly task management tool designed to consolidate all your tasks in a single, accessible location. This application allows you to efficiently organize your daily tasks using the 'My Day' feature, and you can create numerous additional lists tailored to various aspects of your work or personal life. Each list offers the flexibility to add as many tasks as needed.

To keep your tasks well-managed, Microsoft To Do enables you to set due dates and reminders for each task, ensuring timely completion. For tasks of high priority, you have the option to mark them with a star for easy identification. Larger tasks can be broken down into smaller, more manageable steps, and you can add detailed notes to each task for any additional information.

Key features include:

  • Task Organization: Manage your tasks effectively using 'My Day' for daily tasks or create custom lists for more specific needs.
  • Planner Integration: Access tasks assigned to you in Planner directly within Microsoft To Do.
  • Outlook Synchronization: View and manage flagged emails from Outlook as tasks.
  • Flexible Task Creation: Each list in Microsoft To Do supports an unlimited number of tasks.
  • Enhanced Task Details:
    • Set due dates for each task to track deadlines.
    • Apply reminders to tasks for timely alerts.
    • Add notes to tasks for additional details.
    • Create subtasks to break down complex tasks into manageable parts.

My Day

My Day in Microsoft To Do is a dynamic feature designed to enhance your focus on daily tasks. It offers you the flexibility to directly add new tasks or to transfer tasks from other lists into My Day. Adding tasks is straightforward: select a task to view its details and then choose 'Add to My Day.' For additional assistance in selecting tasks, My Day provides a suggestion feature. Simply click the suggestions icon at the top of the My Day list to view recommended tasks.

A key aspect of My Day is its ability to provide a fresh start each day. The list resets every night, clearing the way for you to outline the tasks you aim to tackle each new day. If there are any tasks in My Day that you don't complete before it resets, don't worry — these tasks are automatically saved to your Tasks list. Moreover, they are included in your suggestions for the next day, ensuring that nothing important is overlooked.

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