Additional Resources to learn about and use Padlet

There are many resources that can be found for help with Padlet. Here is a compiled list of the Padlet resources Ithaca College provides. 

A Padlet with clean instructions and FAQ  for professors can be found here: 

Getting started with Padlet – Faculty: 

Padlet’s support page is full of many wonderful resource Padlets. To find the support page, go to  or simply search “Padlet support.”   

Video Resources: 

The Learning Technology Consultant’s “Padlet How-to" series is up on Ithaca College’s media website (

Padlet Setup: 

Padlet Examples: 

Getting Started with Padlet:  

How to Access a Professor Made Padlet:  

How to Log into Padlet: 

How to use Padlet as a Student: 


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