Hello Canvas! Student Quick Guide


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Canvas LMS

Step 1: Getting to Canvas   

Web address:  canvas.ithaca.edu   

For help getting in, contact IT Services:  

Step 2:  Getting Started in Canvas  

You can explore on your own and/or use the following information to get started.  

Recommended Training Resources: 

  • Follow the Welcome Tour  
    • From the Help menu, click on “Show Welcome Tour” and follow the navigation prompts. 
  • Visit the Passport to Canvas self-paced training course for students in your Canvas Dashboard. 
  • Explore the Canvas Resources for Students module in your Fall 2021 course(s) 
  • Click on the Help menu to access the Canvas Student Resources @ IC course

Step 3: Review your Courses  

  • Click on Courses, then the 'All Courses' link at the bottom to see your full course list
  • Click on the Dashboard icon in the navigation to see all courses
  • Customize your Dashboard  
    • Drag & drop the course cards in any order
    • Click the three dots on any course to add a Nickname to the course (only seen by you) or modify the card background color.
    • To manually add courses from your full course list that aren't on your Dashboard, go to Courses, click the 'All Courses' link, then click the 'Star' icon next to the course you'd like to add to the Dashboard. Note you can only favorite Active courses, not Past Enrollments

Step 4: Need more help?  

For any Canvas related issues  contact Canvas Support 

  • Available 24/7
  • Located in the Canvas Help menu (Chat, Hotline and Email)

Supplemental Training Resources 


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