Quick Guide: Enroll in Self Service Password Reset (SSPR)


If you have forgotten your password and can't log in, follow the instructions in the link provided: Reset forgotten password with SSPR.

If you have a new phone, changed your number, or changed your alternate email address since you previously enrolled in SSPR, instructions for updating your info is at the bottom of this page.

To enroll your account in Self-Service Password Reset (SSPR)

  1. Log into https://aka.ms/ssprsetup with your IC email and password.
  2. Enroll the account in SSPR be selecting two of the three reset options below.


Select two of the three options below

  1. Click + Add method and select Phone, then click Add
    • Fill out your phone number, including area code. Make sure to select the correct country code (1 for USA).
  2. Microsoft will then send an SMS text message* to your phone with a six-digit code.
  3. Click Next and enter the code on your computer. Once entered, click Next again.
  4. Be sure to enroll at least one other method. You'll need to verify by two methods to reset your password.




To update your SSPR verification information

Phone or Email

You can only have one primary phone number and one email address associated with your account at a time. To change the phone number or email used, click Change to the right of the method you wish to update and enter in the new phone number or email address you wish to use. If you no longer want to use that authentication method, click Delete instead, and confirm your choice when prompted. You can always re-add this authentication method later if desired. 

Authenticator App

You can have multiple authenticator apps connected to your account if desired. If you wish to add a new authenticator app (such as with a new phone or tablet), you do not need to remove the old one. Follow the above instructions for adding an authenticator app. If you are no longer using the app or device, click Delete to the right or the authenticator you wish to delete, and confirm when prompted.



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