Microsoft PowerPoint

Microsoft PowerPoint is a presentation software that enables users to create, edit, and showcase slideshows incorporating text, images, videos, and various other multimedia elements.


Microsoft Windows, Microsoft Teams, web browser

Accessing PowerPoint

Microsoft PowerPoint can be accessed through the following methods:

  • Web Browser: You can use PowerPoint online by accessing it through a web browser on Microsoft 365 at
  • Microsoft Teams: PowerPoint is also available via Microsoft Teams.
  • Desktop Application: You can access PowerPoint through the installed desktop application.

Installing PowerPoint

You can install PowerPoint by following these steps:

  1. Visit in a web browser.
  2. Click Install apps and then click Microsoft 365 apps.

Top Features


Designer augments the presentation design process. It's an intelligent tool that functions in the background as you're working on your slides. Features include:

  • Automatic Design Generation: As you place content on a slide, PowerPoint Designer automatically starts generating design ideas. These are based on the content you're inputting and align with professional design standards.
  • Content Matching: PowerPoint Designer analyzes the content placed on the slide, whether it's text, images, or other media. It then matches this content with professionally designed layouts that complement the information you're presenting.
  • Selection Process: Users are presented with a variety of design options to choose from, allowing for customization according to personal or organizational preferences. The desired layout can be selected with a simple click.

PowerPoint Live

The PowerPoint Live integration within Microsoft Teams offers an innovative approach to presentations, blending the presentation capabilities of PowerPoint with the connectivity and collaboration available in Microsoft Teams meetings.

When using PowerPoint Live as a presenter in a Microsoft Teams meeting, you will have access to a unique control view that offers the following capabilities:

  • Full Control Over the Presentation: Start, pause, or navigate through slides with ease, directly within the Teams interface.
  • Audience Engagement: Stay connected with your audience by viewing video feeds, raised hands, reactions, and chat messages, as needed.
  • Interactive Features: Facilitate real-time collaboration and feedback during the presentation.

As an audience member, PowerPoint Live in Microsoft Teams enables you to:

  • Interact with the Presentation: Respond to the presenter’s cues, participate in live polls, and more.
  • Personalize Viewing Experience: Utilize accessibility features such as captions, high-contrast slides, and slides translated into your native language.
  • Access Additional Content: Download or browse through any supplementary materials shared by the presenter.

Present Live

PowerPoint's Live Presentations feature allows presenters to engage with their audience in a more interactive and accessible manner, and includes features like live subtitles, pinch-to-zoom on mobile devices, real-time feedback, and slide navigation.

  • Live Subtitles: The presenter's spoken words are automatically converted into text and displayed as live subtitles. Audience members can read these in their preferred language, enhancing accessibility for multi-lingual audiences.
  • Pinch-to-Zoom on Mobile Devices: For those accessing the presentation on a mobile device, the "pinch to zoom" functionality allows them to zoom in and out on slides, providing a clearer view of the content.
  • Real-time Feedback and Reactions: Audience members can instantly send feedback and reactions to the presenter during the presentation. This real-time interaction fosters engagement and allows the presenter to adapt to the audience's responses.
  • Slide Navigation: If audience members need to revisit information, they can easily navigate back to previous slides without disrupting the flow of the live presentation.

Speaker Coach

Speaker Coach is a feature in PowerPoint designed to assist users in preparing effective presentations. It provides real-time feedback and analysis on various aspects of your speech, helping you refine your presentation skills. Features include:

  • Evaluates Pacing and Pitch: Analyze your speaking speed and tone.
  • Detects Filler Words and Informal Speech: Highlights unnecessary or colloquial language.
  • Reviews Euphemisms and Culturally Sensitive Terms: Ensures language is appropriate for the audience.
  • Overly Wordy and Slide Text Reading Detection: Points out verbosity or excessive reading from the slide.
  • Rehearsal Reports: Generates statistics and offers suggestions for improvements after each rehearsal.

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