Microsoft Whiteboard

Microsoft Whiteboard is an infinite, collaborative canvas for effective meetings and engaging learning. You can use Whiteboard to collaborate with other people and accomplish many activities, from brainstorming and planning to learning and workshops.

Whiteboard can be accessed through the Office 365 Portal at


This article is intended for students, faculty, and staff.


Microsoft Windows 10 1709 and newer; Apple macOS 10.13 and above; Apple iPhone; Google Android


This is an overview of Microsoft Whiteboard.

Basic Areas of Microsoft Whiteboard

  • Left Side: The Create panel allows you to add items to your board, such as sticky notes, text, images, shapes, and more. You can collapse the Create panel as needed.  
  • Top Center: This bar allows you to change ink color as needed. There are also three pens to choose from, with customizable color and thickness options. The highlighter, eraser, and lasso tools are also found here.  
  • Top Right: Here you can find the share link which allows you to share and collaborate on your whiteboard with others. The settings option allows you to export the whiteboard, format the background, etc.  


  • In Microsoft Teams: While in a Teams meeting, you can share a whiteboard from the Share tray, or you can also prepare your board ahead of time and then present it. In a Teams channel or chat, you can add a whiteboard by selecting the + button at the top of the screen, and then searching for Whiteboard. 
  • In Whiteboard apps: Select the Share button at the top right, where you can generate a Share link. Send this link to your participants. You can collaborate outside of a meeting, or share your screen during a meeting 

Whiteboard in Teams  

How do I start a whiteboard in a Teams meeting? 

  1. After joining a Teams meeting, click the Share icon in the share tray of that meeting. 
  2. In the Whiteboard section, selectMicrosoft Whiteboard

As soon as the Whiteboard canvas has been started, Teams meeting attendees can ink and type collaboratively. To add ink, click the Pen icon, select a color, and then begin to draw, sketch, or write on the board. To add text, click the Note or Text icons, and then begin to type. These objects can be moved around on the canvas. 

Teams meeting attendees can open the whiteboard they’re editing in the full-featured Microsoft Whiteboard apps for Windows 10 or iOS to add other content types and use additional features. These changes will appear in the whiteboard being edited in the Teams meeting.  

Whiteboard Templates  

Templates let you and others brainstorm and work together more easily in Whiteboard. They will be launching on Windows 10 and mobile soon.  

Templates can be accessed by tapping or clicking the Templates button in the new creation panel. This will bring up the template gallery, where you can scroll to browse and choose a template. 

Categories in Templates  

The following categories are available, with more to be added over time: 

  • Brainstorming - explore creative ideas  
  • Problem-solving - analyze and resolve problems 
  • Design and research - deepen customer focus  
  • Strategy - move from strategy to execution faster 
  • Project planning - increase productivity and outcomes 
  • Games - engage and energize groups 
  • Retrospective - reflect and improve 
  • Workshops - inspire and facilitate groups 
  • Learning - observe and learn 


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