How To: Create & Send Messages in Ithaca College Mailing App

The Ithaca College Mailing App is a web-based tool for sending email messages to a large list of Ithaca College recipients. It allows personalized, HTML messages to be sent to Ithaca College email addresses only. Regular email accounts have a sending limit of 500 recipients per message or 10,000 recipients per 24-hour period, whereas the Mailing App has no such limits. Mailing App accounts are available to faculty and staff only.

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This article is intended for faculty and staff.


Ithaca College Mailing App

Create and Send a Message

  1. Your recipient list file will need to be prepared ahead of time. The file should contain a list of paragraph-separated email addresses (Ithaca College addresses only), with no extra data or headers and be saved as the .txt format.
  2. Visit in a web browser.
  3. Log in with your Netpass username and password.
  4. The Mailing App lets you create and save message templates, and all users from the same department will see the same templates To get started, click either Start a New Template or Edit an Existing Template.
  5. Enter the subject of your message in the subject textbox.
  6. Type your message or paste the message from another source, such as Microsoft Word. Use the formatting toolbar to format your message as desired.
    • You can personalize the message by using replacement variables of college ID, email address, first name and full name.
    • Only the email address should be included in your recipient list.
    • The Mailing App can look up and insert college id, first name and full name based on the email addresses that you provide.
    • Note that attachments cannot be sent via this tool, and images cannot be inserted.
  7. Save your message by clicking the Save button.
  8. Click the Home link in the top left corner.
  9. Complete steps 1 through 4 of the Mailing App form.
    • Choose the template message you want to send.
    • Browse and select your recipient text file.
    • Enter the name and email address you want to show as the sender.
    • Preview your message.
  10. If you need to make changes, click Change Template Text, make your changes, then click Save.
  11. Send a test message to yourself if desired. Note that a test message will be sent to you, but it will appear as if it is addressed to the first recipient on your list. You’ll momentarily receive a test message at your email address, as well as a confirmation message with the results.
  12. After sending a test message, you’ll be taken back to a screen where you can send the final message. Be sure to select Send the Message to All Recipients radio button.
    • You can also specify a future date and time for the message to be sent.
    • Once the message has been sent, you’ll receive a confirmation message with the results.
    • Note that if you schedule a message to be sent in the future, you will not receive a confirmation message until the message has been sent at the future date and/or time.
    • If your message cannot be sent to any of the recipients, those email addresses will be noted.

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Mailing App accounts are available to faculty and staff only.

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