Supported Educational Technologies

List of supported software and available tools:

Before completing the ETAC Educational Software/Technology Request Form, we ask that you review the following list of educational software tools to determine if your new request overlaps with any of the currently supported software. The following educational technology software tools are supported and paid for by the Center for Instructional Design & Educational Technology (CIE), within the Information Technology & Analytics division. 

  • Adobe Creative Suite (limited number of licenses) - a software suite of graphic design, video editing, and web development applications
  • ALEKS Math Placement and Learning Modules – A placement assessment that covers a broad spectrum of mathematics topics
  • Canvas - Learning Management System – A primarily web-based software that is used by institutions, educators, and students to access and manage online course materials
  • Canvas Studio – A tool that allows students and instructors to collaborate through video and audio media
  • Kahoot (limited number of licenses) - A quiz-based learning platform
  • Kaltura – An app used to upload and create videos
  • Kaltura Capture – A tool used for recording videos and screen capture
  • Leganto Course Readings (also supported by the Library) - A tool that allows instructors to create and manage course reading lists that both students and instrucots can manage through their LMS
  • Linkedin Learning – An online learning platform with video-based content to help people develop new skills and knowledge through online classes led by experts
  • Mentimeter (limited number of licenses) -  A web-based tool that allows instructors to creats interactive presentations, polls, and quizzes
  • Microsoft Office - Drive, Excel, OneNote, Outlook - bookings, calendar, email, PowerPoint, Word, Teams – a suite of productivity apps with cloud services designed for business and schools.
  • Nvivo Qualitative Data Analysis (limited number of licenses) - software used to organize and analyze qualitative and mixed-methods analysis of textual and audiovisual data sources.
  • Padlet – a platform that allows people to create, share, and organize visual boards
  • Perusall – An annotation tool that allow students to engage collectively with texts
  • SPSS Quantitative Data Analysis – a software package used for statistical analysis
  • Top Hat – a courseware platform that instructors can personalize and manage
  • VoiceThread – a presentation tool used that can be used through multiple platforms, allowing for mixed media sources and interaction between teachers and students.
  • Zoom – a web conferencing platform used for audio and/or video conferencing
  • 3D Organon (limited number of licenses) - a medical education software that contain detailed 3d models of the human body

The following educational software tools have been approved for use with limited support, and are paid for by the individual user or department.

  • Badgr – a suite of credentialing tools to create, aware, and store digital badges
  • Bloomberg – a data driven, cross platform that provides financial news and data, information, and research
  • Canva – a web-based tool used for graphic design
  • Cengage Digital Textbooks and Resources – an online learning platform that includes access to interactive e-textbooks and assignments
  • Elsevier Digital Textbooks and Resources – an online learning platform providing educational products and resources related to nursing and health professions programs
  • Faronics Insight -a classroom management tool used to increase classroom engagement and provide real-time classroom monitoring.
  • Hawkes Learning Courseware – an educational courseware platform that provides instructional content and course materials
  • McGraw-Hill Connect Digital Textbooks and Resources – a digital learning platform for both students and teachers that include assignments, assessments, grading, e-books, and student portals
  • Pearson MyLab & Mastering Digital Textbooks and Resources – a service that provides eTextbooks, homework, tutorials, and assessment programs


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This form is used to request the purchase of a new educational software/technology tool for classroom and lab use. All requests will be reviewed by the Educational Technologies Advisory Committee (ETAC). Please do not submit vendor contracts to the College Contract Review process for contract review until your purchase has been reviewed and approved by ETAC