Microsoft Lists

Microsoft Lists is designed to facilitate the organization and tracking of various data and activities, including issues, assets, routines, contacts, and inventory.


Microsoft Teams, web browser, iOS

Accessing Lists

Microsoft Lists can be accessed through the following methods:

  • Web Browser: You can use Lists online by accessing it through a web browser on Microsoft 365 at
  • Microsoft Teams: Lists is also available in a channel within a team via Microsoft Teams.
  • iOS: Lists is available as an application for Apple iOS.

Top Features

Integration with Microsoft Teams

Work together on a list in real-time in your team in Microsoft Teams. Track what matters most to your team using rules, reminders, and comments. See your lists any way you want using calendar, grid, gallery, or a custom view. Configure basic form elements and highlight important details with conditional formatting.


After you create a list, you can create rules to automate tasks such as sending someone a notification when data changes in the list or a new file is created in the library. You'll choose a condition that triggers the rule and the action that the rule will take.


You can create and share lists that help you track issues, assets, routines, contacts, inventory, and more. Start from the Microsoft Lists website or app, Microsoft Teams, or SharePoint using a template, Excel file, or from scratch.

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