Microsoft Word

Microsoft Word is designed for creating, editing, formatting, and sharing text-based documents.


Microsoft Teams, web browser, iOS, iPadOS, Android

Accessing Word

Microsoft Word can be accessed through the following methods:

  • Desktop application
  • Web browser: You can use Word online by accessing it through a web browser on Microsoft 365 at
  • Microsoft Teams
  • iOS, iPadOS and Android apps

Top Features


AutoSave allows you to save your files automatically to your OneDrive, SharePoint site, or team in Microsoft Teams.


Co-authoring is a feature that allows multiple users to open and work on the same document simultaneously. This functionality promotes teamwork and efficient collaboration within your organization.


Microsoft Editor provides advanced AI-powered writing assistance across various platforms and languages. Its integrations with Edge and Chrome and Microsoft Word and Outlook enable users to write more effectively and with greater confidence. Features include:

  • Grammar and Style Enhancements: Microsoft Editor offers an array of refinements, including but not limited to:
    • Clarity adjustments
    • Conciseness improvements
    • Formality levels
    • Vocabulary suggestions
  • Error Highlighting: Microsoft Editor identifies and underlines potential issues within the text.
  • Suggestion Interaction: Users can click on the underlined word or phrase to accept or ignore the system's suggestions.

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