Quick Guide: Adding non-Toshiba print queues in Windows

Ithaca College provides network file-sharing and printing services for all faculty members and staff members through campus-owned accounts on campus computers. This article offers instructions for setting up and configuring non-Toshiba network printing through Devices and Printers.


This article is intended for faculty and staff using campus-owned Windows 10 computers.


Campus-Owned Windows computers.

Adding Networked Printers

Add a Networked Printer or Copier

  1. Click the  Start menu.
  1. Type \\caslon or \\icprinters
  1. File Explorer will open with a list of all the printers available. Find the printer you wish to add ending in pr(1-12)
  2. Right-click on the printer queue you wish to add, and a context window will open Select Connect

Windows will now go through the process of installing the printer driver and setting up the printer queue on your device. During this process, you might have to provide Administrator privileges to install the printer queue. 

To add another printer, repeat the steps above.

Configuring Printer Drivers

If the printer for which you have installed a printer driver has advanced features, such as duplexing (two-sided printing), you may need to configure your printer driver after you install it.

  1. Click the  Start menu
  2. and search Control Panel. 
  3. Click View Devices and Printers underneath Hardware and Sound if in Category View; if in small or large icons view, click Devices and Printers.
  4. Right-click on the printer you wish to configure.
  5. Left-click on Printing Preferences.
  6. Review the tabs within the Printing Preferences of your printer driver. The tab names will vary for each printer model. Click the appropriate radio buttons to turn on duplexing, stapling, and any other advanced features you wish to use. These options will vary for each printer model.
  7. Click Okay.


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