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Instructions for adding non-Toshiba printer queues on a college-owned Windows computer.
Instructions on AutoPilot setup of Windows computers. This method will not work if the computer is not enrolled in AutoPilot. All new Tech Renewal computers, the start of Fall 2025 Tech Renewal computers will be enrolled in AutoPilot.
How to use the Company Portal app for Microsoft Windows to install additional software.
Ithaca College IT provides an anti-virus/anti-malware program from Microsoft for all college-owned Windows and macOS computers. For Windows, the program is called either Windows Defender or Windows Security. macOS will use Microsoft Defender. This guide describes how to scan your computer using this software to search for malicious programs.
The Active Directory file server that hosts home and shared folders is called Mentor. This article offers instructions for accessing home and shared folders the Active Directory file server from a computer running Windows on the campus network.
Windows Defender Offline is a powerful anti-virus tool built into Windows 10. It detects and removes malware that can hide from conventional anti-virus software. This guide describes how to scan your computer with Windows Defender Offline.