Web Forms Overview

Ithaca College provides support for four principal form tools: Formstack, Microsoft Forms, Qualtrics, and Slate (Student).

  • Formstack: Recommended for both straightforward and complex data gathering tasks. It's suitable for basic approvals, intricate workflows involving College faculty, staff, and students, and for processing online payments. For HIPAA-related data collection, Formstack HIPAA provides a specialized environment, though it lacks workflow functionality.
  • Microsoft Forms: An excellent choice for both simple and advanced data collection needs.
  • Qualtrics: Primarily utilized for survey creation and distribution.
  • Slate (Student): Specifically tailored for student-focused data collection.
  • Additionally, Point & Click is available for collecting HIPAA-compliant information in certain areas.

For work requests related to the Slate (Enrollment) instance, refer to the Enrollment Operations and Strategy Work Request form.


Feature Formstack Microsoft Forms Slate Qualtrics
Intent Advanced data collection, workflows, online payments, surveys, questionnaires Simple data collection Data collection, workflows Surveys, questionnaires
Collect Medical-Related Information Yes Yes No Yes
Document Merges Yes No No No
Electronic Signatures Yes No No No
File Uploads Yes Yes Yes Yes
HIPAA Yes No No No
Online Payments Yes No Yes No
Student Information Yes Yes Yes No
Workflows Yes No Yes No


Information Technology & Analytics (ITA) provides technical and user support for Formstack and Microsoft Forms. While ITA provides user support for Qualtrics, technical questions should be referred to the Customer Success Hub.

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