This service facilitates requests for creating or modifying web forms. The College offers support for several web form tools, each suited to different needs:

- Formstack: Recommended for both straightforward and complex data gathering tasks. It's suitable for basic approvals, intricate workflows involving College faculty, staff, and students, and for processing online payments. For HIPAA-related data collection, Formstack HIPAA provides a specialized environment, though it lacks workflow functionality.
- Microsoft Forms: An excellent choice for both simple and advanced data collection needs.
- Qualtrics: Primarily utilized for survey creation and distribution.
- Slate (Student): Specifically tailored for student-focused data collection.
- Additionally, Point & Click is available for collecting HIPAA-compliant information in certain areas.

Articles (5)

Creating Documents to Collect Electronic Signatures with Formstack Documents and Adobe Sign

This article provides a guide on creating documents to collect electronic signatures with Formstack Documents and Adobe Sign.


Formstack is an application that is used to create web forms for data collection, surveys, and workflows. Formstack features the ability to collect health-related data that may fall under HIPAA requirements, collect online payments, accept file uploads, generate PDF documents based upon form submissions through Formstack Documents, and accept electronic signatures through Adobe Sign and Formstack Sign.

Microsoft Forms

Microsoft Forms is a simple form tool to create surveys, quizzes, and polls.


Qualtrics is a web-based tool for creating and distributing online surveys. It's used by faculty, staff, and students for various purposes, including survey research courses, graduate theses, and faculty research projects. The tool also supports the college in gathering data to enhance its educational and organizational goals.

Web Forms Overview

Ithaca College provides support for four principal form tools: Formstack, Microsoft Forms, Qualtrics, and Slate (Student).