How to Fax with Toshiba MFP

The Fax option is only available for certain Toshiba MFPs please consult this Article to see the list of Toshiba MFPs with the Fax option: Article - Toshiba Printers around cam... (

Table of Contents:

  1. Accessing the Device Home Screen to Fax
  2. Sending a Fax
  3. If your Home screen is missing the Fax option

The Fax option on the Toshiba MFPs is on the Device Home screen. The article will show how to access the Home screen, how to send a Fax on the Toshiba MFP, and how to add the Fax option to your device Home screen if not present.

Accessing the Device Home screen

  1. Log into the Toshiba MFP with your PaperCut account or swipe your IC ID card at the badge reader on the front of the device. At the PaperCut home screen, select Copy.

  2. This will open the device's Copy page. Click the physical ‘Home’ button on the device.

    After clicking the Home button, the device Home page will load with device-based actions. Scan, Copy, and Fax.


Sending a Fax

See Accessing the Home Screen on how to access the Home Screen of the Toshiba MFP

  1. At the Home screen of the device click the Fax icon, it’s an orange box with a white number pad and paper coming out of the top
  2. To input the fax number click the number pad button on the left-hand side of the screen, it is the third option down with a green icon
  3. For an ON CAMPUS number dial 4 followed by the fax number, for an OFF CAMPUS number dial 91 followed by fax the number
  4. Click on the Dial button in the top right-hand corner to test your number or press Send in the bottom right-hand corner to send the Fax
  5. To end the connection press Monitor in the top right-hand corner

If your Home page is missing the Fax option

Follow the previous steps to get to the Home page of the device. Once at the Home page Click the ‘Gear’ icon in the top right corner of the screen.

  1. The Settings menu will open. Click ‘Button Contents’
  2. After clicking 'Button Contents' it will open the device ‘Home’ screen with grey plus signs ‘+’ in a grid
  3. Select the plus sign ‘+’ where you want the Fax option. Any location is fine. Once you hit the plus sign '+' the 'Add Button' menu will load, Select 'Register From Function List'

  4. From the ‘Register From Function List’ menu scroll down a little bit and select the ‘Fax’ option.

  5. The Edit screen will now show, you can leave all the defaults and click ‘OK’

Now the Fax option will be listed on the device Home page.

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