Project Request Process

The IT Project Request process starts with the requester (or their designee) submitting the Project Request form found in the IT Service Portal. For academic software, there will be a different form and the request will need to be approved by ETAC. If a purchase from a vendor is involved, the contract will need to be submitted and approved through the college's Contract Review process before being signed.

Next Steps for IT

  1. An IT representative will contact you within ten business days of your request.

  2. IT will review the information you submitted and perform research necessary to better understand the request.

  3. IT will meet with you and others who will be involved in the project or purchase to obtain additional information about the initiative so it can be prioritized properly.

  4. IT will document the details of the request in our IT Service Portal for your review.

  5. For requests submitted for next fiscal year, IT will wait for budget approval before proceeding.

  6. Project requests will be added to the project portfolio when resources become available.

Next Steps for the Requester - Prepare for conversations with IT about the project by:

  1. Identifying benefits this project or purchase will achieve (value)

  2. Identifying potential risks related to this project or purchase so that we can mitigate those risks and ensure a successful project (risks)

  3. Identifying people who are interested in the outcome of the project or purchase and would want to be kept informed of progress (stakeholders)

  4. For project requests, identify resources from the campus community that will need to be involved with this project (resources)


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