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MyAnalytics iconMicrosoft MyAnalytics summarizes how you spend your time at work, and offers suggestions on ways to work smarter – from cutting unproductive meeting time to achieving better work/life balance. MyAnalytics integrates into Outlook and other Office 365 applications.

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This article is intended for staff and faculty.

What is MyAnalytics?

Microsoft MyAnalytics summarizes how you spend your time at work. A personal dashboard helps you understand how much time you spend in meetings and in email, and shows how many uninterrupted hours you spend focusing on key tasks, which colleagues you spend the most time working with, and how much time you work outside of business hours.

Only you can view your personal data.

Your Time

The Your Time section in your dashboard shows a concise overview of how you have spent your time this week, and how this behavior compares with your goals. The report summarizes the four main ways that MyAnalytics categorizes your time. For each category, MyAnalytics compares your actual number of hours with a weekly time goal.

You can set weekly goals for reducing unproductive collaboration hours and track your progress over time.

  1. In your dashboard, click Edit Goal under Meeting Hours, Email Hours, Focus Hours, and After Hours.
  2. Enter a new weekly hour goal in the hours textbox and click Save.

A screenshot of weekly meeting hours in MyAnalytics.


The Network section in your dashboard shows how you spent your time with the people you interact with in meetings or in email.

Meeting Hours & Habits

The Meeting Hours section in your dashboard shows meeting information that you have either organized or accepted that have at least one other person attending. The following meeting types are also excluded from Meeting hours:

  • Meetings that last eight or more hours. This includes all-day meetings.
  • Meetings that are marked as Private.
  • Meetings with no other participants than yourself, for example when you block time in your calendar or set reminders.
  • Meetings for which Show As is set to any of the following values: Free, Working Elsewhere, Tentative, Out of Office.

The Meeting Habits section in your dashboard categorizes the meetings you have accepted and shows how much time you spent in each type of meeting.

Email Hours

The Email Hours section in your dashboard shows how long you have spent in email. Each email you send is assigned 5 minutes; each email you open is assigned 2.5 minutes.

Focus Hours

The Focus Hours section in your dashboard shows how many focused hours you have had in a week. A focus hour consists of at least two consecutive hours in your calendar without a meeting. The following time does not count toward your focus time:

  • Time outside your set work hours.
  • Time marked as Out-of-Office.

After Hours

The After Hours section in your dashboard is the total time that you spent outside your work hours reading or writing email, attending meetings whose invitations you have accepted, or participating in chats or calls in Skype for Business or Teams.

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