Setting up Your Linkedin Learning Account

Current IC Students, Faculty, and Staff have free access to LinkedIn Learning, an online educational platform that helps you discover and develop business, technology-related, and creative skills through expert-led course videos.

With more than 5,000 courses and personalized recommendations, you can discover, complete, and track courses related to your field and interests. You can also choose to add these courses and related skills to your LinkedIn profile once you've completed them.



  • To access LinkedIn Learning go to and scroll down the alphabetical list to click on "LinkedIn Learning - Online learning and skill development"
 Note:  When clicking on the "Activate Now" you will be given the option to create or link to your personal LinkedIn account.  A basic LinkedIn account is required to access content on LinkedIn Learning. If you do not have an account, you will be guided through the process of building a new one. You can link a personal LinkedIn account at any time, but in order to disassociate the accounts, you will need to contact LinkedIn Learning Support. LinkedIn Learning Customer Support can be reached directly by chat or submitting a case here:

1. Login with Netpass Username and Password

After clicking the link in your email or on the link from, you will be asked to log in with your Ithaca Netpass Credentials to identify yourself as a member of Ithaca College.

2a. Linking to your personal LinkedIn Account

 You'll be asked to log inaccept the new terms and conditionsChoose your Skills you want to learn

When you first log in, you will have the option to connect your personal LinkedIn account to your Ithaca College LinkedIn Learning account. By clicking "Continue without LinkedIn," you can follow the prompts to skip connecting accounts. However, you can connect these later if needed.

In order to connect your accounts, click "Connect my LinkedIn Account" and follow the prompts indicated by the screenshots. By logging into LinkedIn, you have your content migrated over and get insights into what other colleagues are watching. You will be asked to pick the skills you're looking to learn and dropped into the Linkedin Learning Interface.

2b. Your Account has Been Upgraded

Clicking "Get Started" will enter you into the LinkedIn Learning homepage to get started learning. Your courses and videos that have been started in will have been migrated over so you can continue working on those.

3. Exploring the interface

To learn more about what's offered, click [Take a Tour] and watch the video about what's new/included in the new service.

4. Additional Questions

What if I pay for Linkedin Premium, and Linkedin Learning comes with my subscription?
As a member of the Ithaca College Organization, you will have access to LinkedIn Learning at no additional cost. You can connect your personal LinkedIn account at any time, and your learning content will be merged and synced together. If you would like to take advantage of the other benefits of LinkedIn Learning, you will need to keep your current subscription active since Ithaca College's licensing does not extend to LinkedIn Premium.

If I contact LinkedIn Learning to disassociate my accounts, what happens to my learning history?
Your Learning history will persist with the Ithaca College account you had created. If/when you reconnect your personal LinkedIn Learning account with the account provided to you by Ithaca College, your learning history will be re-merged and synchronized. 

Additional FAQ’s about account migration can be found on LinkedIn Learning’s site

LinkedIn Learning Customer Support can be reached directly by chat or submitting a case here:

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