FAQ: iPad Support and Services


This article is intended for faculty and staff who are interested in purchasing or currently have iPads owned by their department.


Apple iPads


How do I purchase iPads for my department?

You can review purchasing information at our Purchasing College Owned iPads article.

What is the basic configuration for college-owned iPads?

Each department is different; if you have questions about particular apps, please include this information in a service request.

How do I request software/apps to be installed on a college-owned iPad?

Apps are available for download via the Self Service App.
For a list of apps currently available for download in Self Service, please refer to this knowledge base article.
If you need additional apps, please refer to this form to request them. 

What if I already have an iPad?

If you do not already have an Asset Tag for your iPad to identify it as a college owned asset, we urge you to come to the IT Service Desk (with the Purchase Order information from the original purchase if available), to register it into our system.

Can I use iPads off campus or while traveling? How does this work?

iPads have two different configurations for connectivity: WiFi and WiFi + Cellular (some models are locked to specific carriers). WiFi model iPads will only be able to connect to wireless networks. WiFi + Cellular iPads will come with a SIM card and will require a cellular data plan to be purchased and activated for the iPad, but will be usable on wireless networks as well as cellular towers, like smartphones. Please note that while a cellular plan is required to use the cellular data features on the iPad, placing phone calls is not a built in feature on an iPad.

If the iPad is intended to be used while traveling, it may be worth considering purchasing a WiFi + Cellular iPad model, or purchasing a wireless Mobile Hot Spot from your carrier. This is a small portable cellular modem + router combo that provides internet to a few WiFi capable devices at a time. 

Do iPads work on Wi-Fi and cell towers?

If you purchase the Wifi + Cellular model iPads, you can use them on cell towers like your smartphone. You will need to purchase a cellular data plan in order to use this feature. Make sure to purchase the model iPad compatible with your preferred carrier.


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