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This article is intended for student supervisors who post student jobs and hire student employees.


Creating a Requisition

Approval Process

IC HR Recruitment Tips

  • Unless prior approval is granted by Student Employment or your HRBP, all student jobs must be posted in the Recruiting Cloud to align with the Strategic Plan.
  • When creating a requisition, some information will be pre-populated. It is important not to change the pre-populated information unless noted below. 
  • For the purposes of this article and recruitment in IC HR Cloud, internal postings are viewable to all current faculty, staff, and student employees. External postings are viewable to any prospective faculty, staff, or students who has never held a position on campus

Navigation in IC HR Cloud

All tasks in this article can be accessed from the My Team tab, then by clicking on the Hiring App. 

Recruiting Types

There are two (2) standard student recruiting types, as defined below. Please be sure to select the correct recruiting type for your requisition for the appropriate information to populate.

  1. Student: This is the general template for all student requisitions that are undergoing a search. Student requisitions will always be posted to the internal and external recruitment cloud, and Hiring Managers are expected to review their candidate pool prior to making hiring determinations.
  2. Student Waiver to Post: The Student Waiver to Post recruiting type is used for closed searches, unposted requisitions, or for specific hiring practices (re-hires, promotions, etc). The Student Waiver to Post recruiting type bypasses the open search phase on the internal and external recruiting cloud and requires HRBP or Student Employment approval prior to proceeding.

Creating a Requisition

Access Job Requisitions through My Teams, then the Hiring App. This page is where you will access any requisition you are affiliated with and also where you will create new requisitions. To create a new student employee requisition: 

  • Click the +Add button on the right-hand side of the page. 
  • Complete the following sections. To move to the next section, click continue. Please note: that you will only be able to continue to the next section when all the required information has been completed. 
    1. How
      • Requisition Type: Leave as default (Standard)
      • Use: Choose Job
      • Business Unit: Leave as default (Ithaca College)
      • Job: Search for position by typing STUDENT -, then select the appropriate job.
  1. Basic Information
    • Requisition Type: Leave as default (Standard)
    • Requisition Title: This will pre-populate based on the job selected in section one. This can be edited to reflect the title of the position when posted. 
      • Please keep STUDENT EMPLOYEE in front of the job title, as it is easier to differentiate student jobs from faculty and staff
    • Number of Openings: Choices include Limited and Unlimited. If selecting Limited, please enter how many positions you are recruiting for. Unlimited requisitions can be used for continuous hiring needs.
    • Language: Leave as default (American English) 
  1. Hiring Team
    • Hiring Manager: This should be the person who will supervise the student employee upon hire, and this will impact the approval workflow process. To add the Hiring Manager, begin typing the correct name, if it is not already there. Please note when you change this field, a warning message may appear - click no if it does.
    • Recruiter: Search and add an HR Recruiter. The HR Recruiter should be your HR BP. If your HR BP does not immediately appear in the drop down list of values, please type their name. Your HR BP's name should populate.
    • Add Collaborator Type: Search and add any additional individuals who may be reviewing applicants for this student job. You may also need to add yourself if you are not the hiring manager.
  1. Requisition Structure
    • Recruiting Type: Choose “Student” or “Student Waiver to Post”. Once selected, portions of the requisition will re-populate to format the appropriate fields for your recruiting type. Please see above for a detailed explanation of these two (2) recruiting types.
    • Organization: Search and add the department in which this position is located.
    • Primary Location: Search and add the location in which this position is located (start typing Ithaca to find this value more quickly).
  2. Details - These fields are for internal viewing only and will be used by HR during the student hiring process.
    • Instructions to Applicants: Please enter any specific application instructions. (Please note, this information should be re-entered on the Posting Description.)
    • Hours Per Week: Please provide the average working hours (up to 20 hrs weekly) the student will work.
    • Market Hiring Range: Please provide the anticipated student salary, in line with the IC Student Compensation Structure, as amended
    • Target Start Date:  
    • Waiver to Post: Leave blank.
  3. Posting Description
    • Check Box for Enter Custom Internal Posting Description.
    • Internal Short Description: This short description is less than 1000 characters and will show as the job summary on the front tile of the applicant site
    • Internal Description: Copy and paste posting job description. Please refer to this guide when creating job descriptions for student employees.
    • Check Box for Same Description for Internal and External.
  4. Offer Information
    • Legal Employer: Leave as default (Ithaca College)
    • Business Unit: Unable to Edit
    • Department: This should default to the hiring department.
    • Primary Work Location: Type and enter Ithaca College Campus Address
    • Job: Unable to Edit
    • Attachments
      • Add any attachments that would be helpful for collaborators. For example, a rubric or evaluation form 

After completing all sections above, scroll to the top of the page and click Submit. Once submitted, your HR Recruiter will receive the requisition for review.


Approval Process

Once the requisition is submitted, the HR Recruiter will be notified to review and approve the requisition. Standard Student requisitions will be posted. Once posted, you will be able to start reviewing and making selections on applicants.  Student Waiver to Post requisitions will be approved (as appropriate) and the HR Recruiter will reach out regarding next steps.

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