GlobalProtect VPN (Secure Remote Access) Setup for Chromebooks

The GlobalProtect VPN application allows access to protected campus resources from off campus locations or from the Guest wireless network. It may also be required to access other specialized, restricted network services or software. This guide will go through the steps to install, configure, and connect to GlobalProtect VPN  with a Chromebook.


This article is intended for: faculty, staff, students, and college affiliates.



If you are looking for instructions how how to use GlobalProtect on a Windows or macOS device

Install and Configure GlobalProtect VPN

Click on the icon for the Google Play Store 

In the search box type GlobalProtect, once it's found, click on the Install button

Next, click on the WiFi connection and select the Settings gear

Under Network click on Add connection, then click on the selector for Add GlobalProtect

Next enter as the answer to What’s your portal address? And click CONNECT at the bottom of the screen.

Then enter your Netpass username and password and click SIGN IN

Log in to the portal with your Netpass username and password.

To connect to the VPN again

Click on the Network icon, and then toggle the VPN option.

Next click on the + next to GlobalProtect

Finally click on the TAP TO CONNECT button on the GlobalProtect screen. You will get a DUO alert that you must respond to before you will be connected.



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