Understanding NoMAD Password Syncing


NoMAD is a menu bar utility that keeps the password for your college owned Mac in sync with your Netpass account.


NoMAD User Guide

What is NoMAD

NoMAD Login and NoMAD are a pair of utilities that handle first time login account creation and help keep the password for your college-owned Mac in sync with your Netpass account. NoMAD also provides convenient access to various IC systems and tools from its menu.

  • Keeps your Netpass account password in sync with your Mac. No more Keychain errors!
  • Provides quick shortcuts in your Mac's menu bar to easily access the Netpass Manager password change utility, the Self Service application portal, IT remote support with Bomgar and Mentor Shared.
  • First-time login authentication on your Mac
  • Handles creating user accounts and converting existing accounts to local users
  • This component of NoMAD is less visible to clients.

Why We Use NoMAD

Your Netpass password must be periodically changed, and after changing it, your Mac may not automatically sync up the Mac login password with your new Netpass password. NoMAD operates in the backgroud, keeping the two passwords in sync. It detects when your password is changed and prompts you to enter the new password on your Mac. This helps avoid Keychain prompts and other authentication issues. Note that if you are not on campus, you need to connect to GlobalProtect VPN in order to access some NoMAD features, including the password sync function.

NoMAD Features & Functionalities

Starting in spring of 2020, NoMAD is installed on all Mac computers.

NoMAD menu when signed in
  • Update Password will open your default web browser to Netpass Manager.
  • Mentor will help you connect to your Mentor Shared folders.
  • Get Software will open Self Service to help you install apps.
  • Get Help will initiate a Bomgar remote support session with IT@IC staff.

Password Sync

The first time you sign into a Mac that has NoMAD, you'll see an Ithaca College branded login window. NoMAD Login automatically verifies your Netpass credentials and creates a local user account on the Mac. Once you are signed in, NoMAD Menu starts up automatically (if connected to the campus network or VPN). During daily use, NoMAD Menu silently verifies your Mac's login password with Netpass. When you change your Netpass account password, you may be prompted to sign in to NoMAD with your Netpass username and password to update your Mac's Keychain password.

NoMAD runs at the top right of the Mac menu bar near the clock. When you're on a campus connection, whether secure wireless or with a hard-wired, you'll see a triangle icon with a checkbox indicating that you're connected and your password is in sync.



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