Using the Self Service app on macOS

Your Ithaca College IT provided Mac computer comes with Self Service pre-installed to provide Mac users with a trusted source for installing additional apps, run diagnostic tests and fix some common issues such as keychain errors.


This article is intended for staff, faculty and students


Apple MacOS

Using Self Service

Start the app

Self service can be found in the Applications folder.

  • In the Dock click the Finder icon.
  • In the Finder window that appears, an the left, click Applications.

It can also be found using Spotlight search.

  • In the top-right hand side of the menu bar, click the magnifying glass icon.


Signing in

When Self Service starts, it presents you with a login page. Sign in with your Netpass username and password.


Installing Applications

Self Service organizes apps and services into Categories in the left-hand column. Click on categories to narrow down to the app you wish to install. You can also search for the name of an app in the search box.






Once you have found the app you want to install, click the Install (or similar) button to install the app. Some apps will show an additional information page before proceeding with the install.


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