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What can I post to the events calendar?

Please refer to the event submission guidelines for full details.

Who can post events to the calendar?

Any student, faculty or staff member with a valid Netpass ID.

How should I name my event?

Put yourself in the shoes of someone browsing the calendar: What kind of title would catch their eye and give a sense of what the event is?

Be descriptive. But don't try to cram every detail into the Event Name field. That's what the Description field is for.

Be specific. Rather than "Film Series" or "Speaker," use specific titles and names.

I posted an event to the calendar, but it didn't show up. What's the deal?

All events go into an approval queue to be reviewed by an event administrator. If your event hasn’t appeared within two business days, please contact the Office of Marketing Communications at 607-274-1440.

Will my event definitely be approved?

Most likely, as long as it follows the submission guidelines. Those who submit events that dont' meet these guidelines will be contacted and informed as to why their event was not approved.

How do I edit my event?

Please consult the Editing an Event article.

My event is postponed/no longer happening. How do I delete it?

We’re sorry to hear that. If your event is still waiting to be approved, then you’ll be able to delete it. If it’s already been approved and appears on the events calendar, you will have to contact the Events Administrator at

How far in advance should I submit my event to the calendar?

Please submit events once all the details (description, location, times, ticket prices, etc.) are finalized so you can provide users as much information as possible.

While you may technically submit an event as far in the future as you want, this practice is discouraged, as you will need to email a calendar administrator at to add updates or edits to your event listing.

Please avoid submitting your event at the last minute, especially if it is a weekend event, as it may not appear on the calendar in a timely fashion. Please allow up to two-business days for your event to pass through the approval queue.

Can my event be assigned to multiple categories?

Absolutely. For example, you might have a director screening a film and then speaking about it afterward. In that case, you could select “Screening” and “Speaker/Lecture” from the Event Type category.

Or perhaps two academic departments are hosting the event, in which case you select both from the Departments/Offices category.

Why don't I see an Event Type category option that exactly matches my event?

The Event Types were purposefully selected to be broad and generic. This is meant to make it easier for people to see similar types of events while searching. The majority of submitted events should easily funnel into one or more of the given terms. However, if you strongly feel the list of Event Types is missing an option, please email your suggestion to for consideration.

Do I have to fill out all of the fields when submitting an event?

No. Several fields are required (such as a contact email address), but the rest don’t HAVE to be filled out. However, the more details you supply, the more informative and useful your entry will be to those using the calendar to find events they’re interested in.

How do I get my event to appear in the Featured scroll or the Trending Events listing?

The Event Administrators responsible for approving submitted events will determine which listings get featured in the scroll. The trending event list is automatically populated with upcoming events based on popularity. Items in that list with a colored background have been “sponsored” by the Event Administrator to help draw an extra level of attention to the listing.

To have your event considered for the Featured scroll or to be “sponsored” in the Trending Events list, please email

Why can't I just post my event to Intercom?

The events calendar offers a lot more functionality than Intercom, both for people submitting events and those looking for events. For example, events can be assigned specific categories and be more easily searched based on what type of event it is, what group is sponsoring the event, where it will be held, etc.

However, Intercom is a great place to post announcements or news that pertains to your event, if warranted.

PLEASE NOTE: All events referenced in Intercom should provide a link to the event listing in the calendar. Intercom posts that do not do so are subject to deletion.


What are Groups?

A Group listing displays your organization or club's various events and meetings in one location within the calendar, and allows you to provide a description of your org.

Calendar users can also choose to follow your group.

How do I set up a Group profile?

If you're the representative of a student organization, please email with your request. A profile will be created by the Group Administrator. Be sure to include who the Group Officers should be (these will be the folks that can make edits to the Group profile once it’s created). Please also include an image for the Group profile page -- ideally your organization logo or wordmark.

If you're part of a faculty/staff group, please email with your request and include the same recommended details noted above.


What are Places?

Places are — obviously — where events happen.

In the event submission form, there are several fields that pertain to Places:

Event Place

This is the most important Place-related field to fill out. There is a list of on-campus Places in the calendar. When you begin to type the name of one of these places, the full name will come up in auto-complete.

For more information, see "What are Place profiles?"

If the place location is off-campus, simply type the name of the place (example: A restaurant or business).


If the event place is in a specific room of a building, please provide the room number or name here. You could also use this field for things like "Outside on the Quad" or "By the flagpole" if your event is outside of a specific building.


Provide the address of an off-campus location; this will automatically create a Google map in the event listing. You do not need to fill this field out if the event is on campus.

What are Place profiles?

Certain event locations on campus have their own profile within the calendar. (View the full list of on-campus Places.) This profile allows users to see a feed of what events are scheduled for that specific place. For example, Ford Hall or Emerson Suites.

However, in order for an event to be properly associated with a Place profile, the Event Place field must be filled out with the corresponding place name exactly as it appears in the list of Places. When you begin typing in the Event Place field, the full Place name should appear for you to autocomplete.

I think a location needs to be added to the Place list. How does that happen?

If you think a venue or location is missing from the list of Places, please email with your suggestion.

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