Course Registration Overrides

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  • An error message in HomerConnect does not link you directly to the override request.


The form is blank when you first access the Course Registration Override. Use the drop downs to enter the information for your course. Only one course can be entered per form.

Check the reason for the override request in the supporting information box, you can select multiple.

Enter additional information in the text box.

Upload a PDF of your unofficial transcript or Degree Works audit.

Click the appropriate action to complete the form.

Once the form is reviewed, approved, denied or if additional information is needed an email will be sent to your IC email address.

If the form is approved, you must go back into HomerConnect and register for the course. An approval does not register you for the course.

A course override approval does not override an account hold.

You must register for the same section you requested the override for. It will not apply to alternate sections.

If the course is full, please join the waitlist if seats are available or check back for a seat or waitlist seat to open. An override approval does not grant a seat in a full class.


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